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Tips for Relief of Your Sinus Pain and Congestion

Sinus pain, congestion, pressure and headaches can have a huge impact on your day simply because of how your sinus problems can make you feel. If the pain and discomfort is enough to keep you at home or stop you from doing the things you enjoy, you have options to get relief from your symptoms.

Recommended tips to relieve your sinus pain and congestion

Try these tips for sinus symptom relief and start feeling like yourself again.

  • Use a humidifier
  • Inhale cool mist
  • Apply a heating pad or hot water bottle where your sinuses are inflamed, (usually the tender areas of your face), to get relief from sinus pain and congestion.
  •  Don’t smoke — If you’re a smoker, you are more likely to experience sinus pain and congestion, as smoke inhibits the drainage of mucus.
  • Avoid alcohol — Drinking alcohol causes the membranes of your nose and sinuses to swell, which could cause sinus pain and congestion.
  • Try over-the-counter (OTC) medication specially formulated to relieve sinus symptoms — For relief from sinus pain and congestion, look for formulations that include a pain reliever and a decongestant, like TYLENOL® Sinus. You may also want to consider OTC sinus medication for both daytime and nighttime relief.

When to call the doctor about your sinus symptoms

Speak to your doctor if:

  • You cannot find relief from sinus pain on your own.
  • Your symptoms do not improve within five days, or if they get worse.
  • You think you may have a sinus infection
  • At any time you feel unsure about any of your symptoms.

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