The Difference Between Children's MOTRIN® & TYLENOL®

Children's Motrin Eight hour relief and Children's Tylenol for Fever & Pain

Children’s TYLENOL® and Children’s MOTRIN® work differently to relieve your child’s pain and/or fever because they contain different active ingredients. Make sure you know the difference between these products so you can choose the medication that may be the most appropriate for your child.

Children’s TYLENOL® Children’s MOTRIN®
What is the active ingredient?
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When should I use them?
Use as a first line of defense against pain or fever.
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Try Children’s MOTRIN® should pain or fever persist as the two actives work differently.
How long can it last?
Children’s TYLENOL® is dosed every 4-6 hours.
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Children’s MOTRIN® relieves fever for up to 8 hours, helping your child get through the day or night.
How could it affect my child’s tummy?
Gentle on the tummy.
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May cause some irritation to sensitive tummies.
What is the dosing system?
The TYLENOL® Easy Pour bottle makes dosing easy and creates less mess.
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Includes an easy-to-use dosage cup.


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To be sure either of these products are right for your child, always read and follow the labels.

Dosing schedule does not equal length of pain or fever relief.

*Children’s oral analgesics, 2015, Rogers Healthcare Group Surveys on OTC Physician Counselling and Recommendations

†Reduces fever up to 8 hours

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Children's TYLENOL® Liquid

A fever reducer and pain reliever in kid-friendly flavors.


Things to watch out for.

These five symptoms can mean a more serious infection.