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TYLENOL® Back + Body Pain Products

When pain affects your body, it can’t be easily ignored. At times, it’s almost impossible to focus on anything else. You’re left searching for a solution that will work. For a fast and effective remedy, TYLENOL® Back Pain or TYLENOL® Muscle Aches & Body Pain can help. You’ll be able to finally relieve those irritating symptoms of muscle aches and joint pain.

TYLENOL® Muscle Aches & Body Pain
use only as directed
When your muscles are aching or your body is in pain, you want relief fast but you also want it to last so you can GET BACK TO NORMAL, WHATEVER YOUR NORMAL IS®
Tylenol Extra Strength Back Pain
use only as directed
When back pain strikes, it can make everything you do virtually impossible. You want more than a pain reliever. You also want a muscle relaxant to release your seized muscles...