Direct Support for the Canadian Nurses Foundation

On the front lines. It’s where you’ll find the people brave enough to protect us all each day.

It’s where you’ll find the hope we seek during our most challenging times.

And, it’s where you’ll find Canada’s nurses—the caregivers who chose a calling to help all our families, our coworkers, our neighbors.

Today, our nation’s nurses are under siege by COVID-19. Steadfastly, they’re delivering care to all who need it—one hospital bed at a time. Now, it’s up to us to provide them care in return.

To support nurses, TYLENOL® is proud to be the founding sponsor of the Canadian Nurses Foundation Covid-19 Fund for Nurses —because as our nurses have chosen the responsibility to care for us and our families, we are choosing the responsibility to care for them.

Through this sponsorship, Canada’s nurses will receive more of what they need to continue helping our country through this unprecedented time. The fund will specifically support nurses in the way of:

  • Support Nurses TODAY
  • Provide mental health support for nurses during this COVID-19 pandemic
  • Help provide nurses with the evidence, skills and training they need to better navigate Covid-19
  • Develop and share best practices for future pandemics
  • Explore and support new research in critical care and pandemic response

Our hope is that these heroes—and that is no overstatement—may continue to deliver the quality of care all our people need, with the unwavering courage, health and spirit they deserve.

To learn more, please visit the Canadian Nurses Foundation Covid-19 Fund for Nurses website

#StayHome for Health Care Professionals

In service of Health Care Professionals, if you can, please #StayHome


Please help us support our health care professionals by practicing safe social distancing for those who can’t.

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