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  • Dull, aching head pain
  • Sensation of tightness or pressure across your forehead or on the sides and back of your head
  • Tenderness on your scalp, neck and shoulder muscles
  • The feeling of being stressed, depressed or anxious (happens to us all sometimes)

Knowing how to spot a tension headache, the most common type of headache, can help you treat and maybe even avoid them in the future.

What Causes a Tension Headache?

Not sleeping enough.

Skipping a meal.

Drinking Alcohol.

Stress, depression, anxiety or working too much.

Clenching your jaw.

Straining your head or neck muscles.

Other options you can try include meditating, getting a massage, taking a hot shower or even physical therapy. Every person’s body reacts differently to different treatments.

Not every tension headache means you have to call your doctor, but they can be a sign of a more serious issue that needs care. Please talk to your physician about your symptoms to get the treatment you need.

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