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Everyone may have a restless night once in a while, but when you live with sleeplessness due to pain or other factors, sleep can seem like a luxury. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to help you sleep more.

We’ve worked with sleep experts to develop a one-stop shop for tips and tools. Introducing the TYLENOL® Sleep Centre.

What you’ll find in the Sleep Centre:

  • Information on sleeplessness due to pain or other factors
  • Tips for syncing your body’s internal clock
  • Insightful gadgets and apps to help you tackle your sleeplessness
  • Help with developing a smarter schedule and setting sleep goals

You’re a few clicks away from starting a new sleep routine that can help you get the rest you’ve been looking for.

Go to Sleep Centre to learn more

TYLENOL® Nighttime

The pain relief of TYLENOL®, now with a sleep aid.


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