Tips On How to Prepare for Flu Season

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While it’s possible to get the flu year-round, the fall and winter months are prime flu season (and staying indoors makes it even easier to pass illnesses on to the people you love). With the right plan, you can help avoid the flu as best as possible and be prepared if it does hit your home.


  • Start with a flu shot, which can reduce your risk of getting the flu. Ask your doctor for more details.
  • Keep strong with a routine that keeps your body in peak performance, like regular exercise, a balanced diet, healthy sleep and limiting your stress levels. Talk to your doctor before beginning or revising any exercise regimen.
  • Keep it clean and wash both your hands and surfaces regularly. Disinfectant is your friend!


  • Stock up on staples such as fluids (juice, tea and canned soups are great), tissues and over-the-counter medication. You won’t want to head out to the store when you’re under the weather.

Most importantly, take some time off. It is important if you are sick with the flu to stay home from work or school to prevent further spreading of the flu to others. The flu can last longer than a cold and you’ll need to recuperate. You’ll be back on your feet soon enough.

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