Fun Things To Do At Home While Physical Distancing

5 Easy Exercises You Can Do At Home

There are plenty of ways to stay active in the comfort of your home without buying expensive equipment. Here are a few exercises you can try alone or with family members to help stay energized throughout the day! Don’t forget to talk to your healthcare provider before starting or making any changes in your exercise routine.

Try to complete 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise. Don’t forget to rest as needed!

For some added fun, make each exercise a friendly contest – you can either compete against the people around you, or challenge yourself to do more sets or repetitions each day.

  1. Pushups
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Chair squats – try to squat low enough to touch the seat of the chair
  4. Stationary lunges
  5. Sit ups

Connect with Family and Friends

Take time to write a letter, send a text, or video chat with loved ones and friends. Make a special effort to connect with relatives and friends who are far away or alone.

Tip: check online for free ways to video chat!

Make Your Own Movie Theatre

Extra time at home can be a fun opportunity to pick a cozy spot in your home to watch new movies or old favorites!

For families or groups, take turns each night watching everyone’s favorite movie. If you live alone, recruit a friend or a family member for a virtual movie night!

To bring the experience of a movie theatre into your home, here are a few tips:

  1. Prepare a few snacks – popcorn is always a favorite! Or, opt for some cut up fruits and vegetables for a healthy alternative.
  2. Dim or turn off the lights in the room.
  3. Choose to focus on the movie – opt to leave phones off or in another room!

For some added fun, give each movie a score. Once you’ve watched everyone’s favorite, award a special prize to whoever picked the highest-scoring movie!

Start A Book Club

Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read or get a recommendation from a friend or family member. Share a favorite book of yours with someone else!

Tip: check online for free services that offer books online!

Learn A New Skill

If you ever wanted to learn a new skill but just didn’t have the time, use extra time at home to make it happen! Begin learning a new language, pick up a paintbrush, learn to knit or crochet. The possibilities are endless!

Tip: take advantage of free resources online to enhance or learn new skills!

Relax Your Mind & Body

If you find yourself stressed or anxious, here are a few ways to relax your body and help put your mind at ease:

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing can induce a relaxation response in your body, which in turn may reduce stress and lower blood pressure. The practice involves taking deep, slow, even breaths.


Yoga can help improve overall physical fitness and well-being. Get started with a beginners’ podcast or video or ask a yogi you know for some simple exercises you can do in your home. You’ll be “ohmming” in no time.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

PMR is a type of relaxation technique. It works by tensing and relaxing all major muscle groups, one at a time. It is intended to help the body to recognize the difference between tension and relaxation. To give it a try, lay down, close your eyes and start the process with your feet. Tense each muscle group for 5 seconds, then release for 10 seconds, concentrating on how the muscles feel before and after the exercise. Then work your way up your body one muscle group at a time, finishing up with your face.