The Makers of TYLENOL® & MOTRIN®

Are Working Hard to Meet Needs this Cough, Cold, and Flu Season in Canada

We plan to be there when it matters most, to help prepare for cough, cold, and flu season and beyond. That’s why we continue to maximize production to ensure widespread product availability with stocked product shelves across the country.

We know that 97% of parents and caregivers in Canada report having pediatric fever-reducing products in their cabinets. This suggests a level of preparedness across Canadian households for the upcoming cough, cold, and flu season.1

Here are some actions we are taking:

Ramped up production:

  • We continue to maximize production of our Adult & Pediatric Pain and Cough, Cold, and Flu products to help ensure Canadians have access to the products they need. 

Tools to help us accurately predict our supply:

  • Our consumer demand sensing team will continuously track internal and external data sources to predict and respond to seasonal illness trends across the country.

Increased Access:

  • Thanks to our hardworking manufacturing teams, retailers and distribution centers across Canada have nearly 3 times more of our Adult & Pediatric Pain & Cough, Cold, and Flu products available for families at this time, compared to this same time last year.
  • What’s more, several Canadian retailers are using data that we provide to understand community level needs for pediatric cough, cold, and flu products this year, allowing them to ship to regions across Canada that need them most.

While we’ve worked hard to ensure that individuals, families, and caregivers have products on hand this season, we’re also sharing these valuable resources. Please keep these helpful tips and tools at the ready as we head into cough, cold, and flu season.


  1. Pain & CCFS Stock-Up vs Immediate Use Study, Canada, July 2023, n=647